18 Important Baby equipment to hire in Bali

Embarking on a Bali holiday is an exciting adventure, but it takes on a new dimension when travelling with a baby; there are must-have baby gear for your Bali holiday. The sun-soaked beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture are beckoning, but ensuring your little one is comfortable and safe is paramount. Navigating the island’s diverse terrain with a baby requires thoughtful consideration of their needs, making the right baby gear indispensable for a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

Travelling with a baby requires thoughtful planning, with an emphasis on safety and comfort! The right gear not only ensures your baby’s well-being but also contributes to the overall success of your holiday. Let’s delve into specific categories of baby gear that are essential for your Bali Baby adventure. 

Must-have baby gear

Must-Have Baby Gear for Transportation 

1. Lightweight Stroller 

Navigating Bali’s bustling streets and uneven paths is much more manageable with a lightweight stroller. More specifically you want to look for a stroller that can be made compact and wheels built to handle all terrain. The 4baby Breeze II stroller, available at Bali Baby to hire, not only folds in one pull but is just as easy to set up, providing a comfortable perch for your baby and allowing you to explore various attractions with ease. 

2. Baby Carrier: 

Bali’s rugged terrain may not always be stroller-friendly. A baby carrier or a Bjorn allows you to venture into places where a stroller might be impractical, ensuring your baby stays close and secure. Not only does it provide a hands-free exploration experience, but you will also be able to create fond memories and bond with your child on your trip that they may be embarrassed to hear when they are older. 

3. Car Seat: 

If your Bali adventure involves car travel, a reliable car seat is non-negotiable for your baby’s safety. It provides secure restraint, reducing the risk of injury in case of sudden stops or turns. If you’re not hiring a car or haven’t brought your own to install into taxis during the trip, service providers such as Bali Baby Hire will have you covered. With a whole team just a call away, they will have their vehicles fitted to support the needs of the baby and any gear that is required for your big day out adventuring the beautiful islands of Bali. 

Must-Have Baby Gear for Comfort and Rest 

1. Travel Crib: 

Maintaining a consistent sleep environment is crucial for a baby’s well-being. A bed rail can be hired if your hotel has no space for a porta-cot. Be comfortable in the fact that they won’t fall off when sleeping in the same bed together. If you have the added benefit of having enough room, then invest in a portable travel crib with easy assembly, ensuring your little one has a familiar and safe space to rest. 

2. Portable High Chair: 

Dining out in Bali’s diverse restaurants is a pleasure, but having a secure and familiar highchair makes the experience smoother for you and your baby. A seat booster or a compactable baby chair that can be strapped onto a dining chair will work just as fine. With adjustable height, secure harness, and compact design, everyone can have an exotic meal at the table. 

3. Travel-friendly Baby Blankets: 

Bali’s weather can vary, and having lightweight, versatile blankets ensures your baby stays comfortable for warmth during cooler evenings or shading from the sun. Baby blankets are easy and compact to carry when travelling and can be used for a variety of reasons, whether it is to swaddle your baby or provide extra shade when in the pram. 

Must-Have Baby Gear for Feeding Necessities 

1. Bottle Sterilisers: 

Ensuring your baby’s milk or formula is at the right temperature is essential, especially during outdoor excursions. A portable bottle warmer provides convenience on the go. Our Avent bottle sterilisers are not only compact and easy to set up, but with a variety of choices on offer, you are able to sterilise multiple bottles in a matter of seconds for those with extra hungry children. 

2. Portable Bottle Warmer: 

When out and about, you may not have access to hot water suitable for your baby. It can be easier to have your bottles pre-made and warmed up again in a microwave or, better yet, a compact portable bottle warmer for on-the-go. 

3. Baby Food Organiser: 

Having a well-organised system for baby food, snacks, and feeding essentials ensures you’re prepared for on-the-go feeding. With Multiple compartments, easy access, and a convenient way to carry a variety of snacks, never miss out on another snack time. 

Must-Have Baby Gear for Sun Protection and Hygiene 

1. Baby Sun Hat and UV-Protective Clothing: 

Bali’s sun can be intense, and protecting your baby’s delicate skin is crucial. UV-protective clothing and a sun hat shield your little one from harmful rays. Many sun safe products are made with UPF-rated fabrics, lightweight and breathable, and include full coverage for sun-sensitive areas. 

2. Travel-sized Baby Sunscreen: 

A baby-safe sunscreen is a must for any tropical destination. Ensure it’s suitable for sensitive skin and provides broad-spectrum protection. Different sunscreens may suit different situations but the key things to consider are the compactness for travel, high SPF rating, and water-resistant formula suitable for sensitive skin. 

3. Portable Changing Pad and Diaper Bag: 

Bali’s attractions might not always have optimal changing facilities. A portable changing pad and well-stocked diaper bag make on-the-go diaper changes a breeze. 

Must-Have Baby Gear for Health and Safety 

1. Baby railings 

Accidents can happen anywhere, so the best thing to do is to prevent it from happening. The team at Bali Baby Hire have the tools to create a safe environment for your child with pool fences that are easy to set up that they can install themselves, so you don’t need to worry about any incidents around the pools or villas. 

2. Mosquito Repellent for Babies: 

Bali’s tropical climate means mosquitoes are prevalent. Using a baby-safe mosquito repellent protects your little one from potential insect bites. Things to look for when shopping are products that have a DEET-free formula, gentle on baby’s skin, and provide effective protection against mosquitoes. 

3. Baby Monitor 

Never be too far from the situation; if the baby is napping, there is no sense in the parents being stuck inside for the holidays. With a baby monitor, explore your villa or hotel with ease, knowing that you can check up on your child within a close radius. 

Must-Have Baby Gear for Entertainment and Distraction 

1. Travel-friendly Toys and Books 

Keeping your baby entertained during travel or downtime is essential. Compact, travel-friendly toys and books provide distraction and engagement. Items such as mega blocks or a sand kit are not only child-safe and free of choking hazards, but they are compact, mentally stimulating and enjoyable for all families to participate in, whether in the room or on the beach. 

2. Portable Playpen 

If you have brought all your gear, it is important to keep things nice and tidy; otherwise, even the most comfortable hotel rooms and villas can be a warzone with toy mines scattered everywhere. Keeping everything in one spot not only provides for a safe clean place for the parents but keeps the child safe as well in one area of the room. 

3. Baby Activity Centre 

A baby activity centre can be the best for some parents, with a built-in seat comfortable to babies while simultaneously providing the back support they need, with some models allowing them to bounce and walk. Keep them stimulated and entertained with entertainment that fosters learning and mental stimulus. 

A memorable holiday awaits you in Bali! Let us take the hassle out of travelling with babies and small children and place your order online today – we’ll have everything you need when travelling with children in Bali waiting for you in your hotel or villa, and even offer airport transfers if required!