Top 10 Family Friendly Restaurants in Bali: Culinary Journey

Bali, with its vibrant culture, has a family friendly culinary experience that will undoubtedly entice the palate of food lovers from all over the world. However, we know that when it comes to eating experiences, families with young ones can face slight hiccups with their little food critics who may have a slightly fussier palette. Luckily, we not only stock highchairs and booster seats to make every meal a comfortable experience, but we have also carefully curated a list of some of our favourite and, most importantly, family friendly restaurants in Bali that will be sure to satisfy everyone.

Family Friendly Restaurants in Bali

1. Milk & Madu:

To start our list, we have the ever-so-popular Milk & Madu with locations both in Ubud and Canggu. This venue is more than just a popular spot that is picture-perfect to share with your friends; more than a restaurant, it is a family haven. With a menu offering a delightful mix of wholesome breakfasts, hearty lunches, and delicious dinners that will have, as they say, your ankle biters drooling. The menu for kids ranges from sweet fluffy pancakes to savoury kid’s meals that include the essential juice and chips on top of a mouth-drooling cheesy pizza of their choice. This eatery provides a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for families.

2. Ku De Ta: Beachfront Elegance

If you fancy a slightly more formal dinner with the family, head to Ku De Ta. Overlooking Seminyak Beach, this beachfront venue offers a diverse menu, from Indonesian specialties to international favourites. Parents can enjoy fine dining while the kids indulge in specially crafted dishes catered for younger palates; there will certainly be a mouth-watering dish for everyone.

3. Sea Circus: Colourful Culinary Adventure

Located in Seminyak, Sea Circus is a vibrant and colourful eatery perfect for families seeking a playful atmosphere. The menu boasts a mix of international flavours, with tacos, burgers, and vegetarian options. The whimsical décor and lively ambience make it an excellent choice for a family outing.

4. KYND Café: Nourishing Food, Positive Vibes

Known for its Instagram-worthy dishes, KYND Café in Seminyak is a plant-based paradise. With a commitment to sustainability, this café serves up delicious and visually appealing meals. Families can enjoy a variety of smoothie bowls, salads, and vegan treats in a setting that radiates positivity.

5. Mades Warung: Balinese Culinary Heritage

For an authentic taste of Balinese cuisine, Mades Warung is a must-visit. With several locations across Bali, this restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring local specialties, making it an ideal spot for families to explore the island’s culinary heritage together.

6. Splash Bistro at Hard Rock Café: Family-Friendly Rock and Roll

Situated in Kuta, the Splash Bistro at Hard Rock Café combines the iconic Hard Rock experience with a family-friendly twist. We know most children love hot chips and we can tell you from experience that there will be no shortage of chips here. Enjoy classic American dishes, burgers, and pizzas while immersing your family in the lively and entertaining atmosphere of Hard Rock’s Splash Bistro.

7. Cosmic Diner: Retro Fun for All Ages

Step back in time at Cosmic Diner in Seminyak, a retro-themed eatery that captures the essence of a classic American diner. Families can relish burgers, hot dogs, and shakes, surrounded by nostalgic décor and a welcoming ambience. And, of course, another classic spot for hot chips to satisfy your little potato connoisseur.

8. Clear Café: Healthful Indulgence

In Ubud, Clear Café stands out for its commitment to healthful and organic dining. Families can savour a menu with nutritious options, including fresh juices, salads, and wholesome meals. The tranquil setting adds to the overall wellness experience.

9. Taco Casa: Mexican Flavours in Bali

When the craving for Mexican cuisine strikes, head to Taco Casa in Seminyak. This family-friendly spot offers a variety of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, providing a flavourful and casual dining experience.

10. Pizza Bagus: Family-Friendly Pizzeria

Concluding our culinary journey is Pizza Bagus in Sanur, a family-friendly pizzeria that caters to all taste buds. Choose from an array of pizza options, including custom creations, in a laid-back setting suitable for families looking for a relaxed meal.

Don’t miss out on a journey of flavours; with our recommendations and baby feeding equipment, everyone can explore the diverse flavours that Bali has to offer. These family-friendly eateries serve delicious meals and provide memorable dining experiences for all ages. Whether you’re seeking traditional Balinese cuisine, international delights, or health-conscious options, Bali’s culinary scene has something to satisfy every palate. When you book your next trip keep us in mind