5 Balinese Festivals Great For Travelling With Kids

Bali is rich in culture and experiences, making it one of the best destinations for travelling with kids. From the stunning art and architecture to the mouth-watering local cuisine, Bali has so much more to offer beyond the typical tourist attractions. Experiencing the vibrant local culture through festivals is an excellent way for families to connect and create lasting memories. As locals, Bali Baby Hire knows just the right festivities that are child-friendly and entertaining for the whole family. Here are five must-see Balinese festivals that are perfect for kids.

Important Baby Equipment For Travelling With Kids

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Balinese Festivals for Kids

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1. Saka New Year

The Saka New Year, usually in March, is a unique and serene experience that many parents will appreciate. Known as Nyepi, it is the quietest day in Bali. On this day, the island comes to a standstill for 24 hours of silence, reflection, and purification. It’s a great opportunity to witness locals performing purification rituals along the coastline with heirlooms and statues. Later in the evening, the silence is broken with fire torches, firecrackers, and parades of paper mache effigies, providing a fascinating glimpse into Bali’s mythical stories and beliefs.

2. Ubud Food Festival

If your family loves food, the Ubud Food Festival is a must. Held mid-April, this week-long celebration showcases authentic local cuisines driven by Bali’s rich culture and flavours. Your little food explorers will delight in sampling dishes from various vendors while you can participate in workshops to learn new culinary skills to take home. It’s a feast for the senses and a fun way for kids to try new foods and learn about Balinese cooking traditions.

3. Bali Arts Festival

Plan your trip around the Bali Arts Festival, held annually from June 15 to July 13 at the Taman Budaya Art Centre. This event showcases the talents of thousands of Balinese and international artists. With your stroller or baby carrier in tow, travelling with kids becomes easy. spend an evening immersed in cultural dances, performances, and stunning art displays. Interactive activities and competitions provide great fun for kids, allowing them to engage with the local culture and creativity firsthand.

4. Bali Kite Festival

Taking place between July and August, the Bali Kite Festival is a vibrant celebration that kicks off the windy season. You’ll be amazed at the creativity and skill of the local kite makers as their colorful creations dance in the sky. Participate in workshops to make your own kites, offering both a cultural experience and a memorable souvenir. It’s a fantastic event for children to learn about traditional Balinese crafts and enjoy the outdoors.

5. Nusa Dua Fiesta

For an all-encompassing cultural experience, the Nusa Dua Fiesta is the perfect festival to include in your itinerary. Held annually in October around the peninsula of Nusa Dua, this week-long event is filled with arts, culture, sports, music, and local exhibitions. There’s plenty for the kids, from tasty foods to fun activities, and for the parents, too. Bali Baby Hire offers nanny services to help you fully immerse in the festivities. A local nanny can guide you through the events, helping you and your family bridge the gap to fully experience Balinese culture.

When planning your next trip to Bali, consider these family-friendly events to truly enrich your holiday. Bali Baby Hire can help make your trip a breeze with essential baby gear available for hire, ensuring you can navigate the festivities comfortably. With our nanny services, you’ll have an extra helping hand, allowing the whole family to enjoy and immerse in the vibrant culture of Bali. Celebrate, explore, and make unforgettable memories with Bali Baby Hire by your side.