The Ultimate Guide to Villa Pool Safety with Bali Baby Hire Pool Fences

As you embark on your villa adventure in Bali, soaking up the sun and relishing the tropical paradise, it’s essential to remember safety when travelling, especially around pools with children. Without proper precautions, accidents can happen. To ensure a safe and enjoyable villa experience for your family, Bali Baby Hire can take the stress off your shoulders with pool fence installations.

Pool Fence

Staying Safe Around Pools

Sitting poolside soaking in the sun while enjoying a nice Bintang (or juice when travelling with children) is a highlight of any Bali Villa experience. However, pools can also pose risks, especially for families with young children. Bali Baby Hire understands that swimming is a popular pastime, especially considering the tropical climate, and we want to help you enjoy your trip stress-free and avoid any unwanted accidents. Whether before or during your trip, you can hire a pool fence from Bali Baby Hire, and we will have it installed in the Villa.

How to Keep Your Pool Safe

A sturdy pool fence is the first line of defence against pool-related accidents. Bali Baby Hire offers high-quality pool fencing solutions designed to meet Australian safety standards. Our team will come to your villa and install the pool fences, creating a secure barrier that prevents unsupervised access to the pool area so you can fully immerse yourself in the Bali villa experience.

Even after the pool fence has been installed, it is important to establish clear villa rules and guidelines for pool safety with your children to prevent accidents around the pool area. Some example rules can include that if they want to swim, they must always ask mum or dad to come swim or sit poolside and supervise, not run around the pool area, and keep toys away from the pool edge.

Picking the Best Pool Fence

It is law in Australia that every pool should be fenced off, so why should it be any different in Bali? We ensure that our pool fences are able to meet your requirements. We choose only the best quality pool fences made with materials that are durable for Bali’s tropical climate, ensuring that they are all designed to meet Australian safety regulations and importing only the best magna magnetic self-closing latch system. Enjoy your family holiday knowing that we have your enjoyment in our best interest.

Additional Pool Safety

Pool safety can be fun if you’re travelling with children as young as three months. We have a range of swim rings from fan-favourite brands such as Wahu to help free up your hands while ensuring everyone is having a fun and safe time poolside.

If you have a full itinerary but your children are pool enthusiasts, Bali Baby Hire can help you with babysitting. Balinese people are some of the friendliest people with enthusiasm that can match your children. Enjoy everything Bali has to offer and know that your children’s safety is in good hands.

Put your mind at ease and fully immerse yourself in the Bali villa experience. When you book your next stay, think Bali Baby Hire not just for your children’s essentials but also for their safety. Keep your pool safe with our pool fences and enjoy a worry-free and unforgettable villa experience. Take a look at our range and start planning your trip now.