5 Beautiful Places for Kids in Bali 

Embarking on a family adventure to Bali is a journey filled with excitement and discovery with an abundance of beautiful places for kids in Bali, rich in culture and diversity. As parents, choosing destinations appropriate for our little ones is necessary for an enjoyable holiday. Finding kid-friendly travel spots has advantages beyond convenience as you create memories that last a lifetime.  

1. Bali Bird Park: 

Bali Bird Park is a must-visit for families seeking a delightful encounter with the local animals of Bali and their beautiful colours. With over 250 species of birds from Indonesia and around the globe, the park’s lush gardens provide a captivating backdrop for an unforgettable wildlife experience. Enjoy this experience from afar or, depending on the age of your little one, engage in interactive activities, feeding the birds and shows that will keep the entire family entertained for hours. 

2. Turtle Beach: 

Experience the wonders of marine life at Turtle Beach, where the crystal-clear waters and sandy shores offer an idyllic setting for family adventure. Witness the awe in your children’s eyes as they get up close and personal with majestic sea turtles in their natural habitat. Beyond the moment’s joy, please give them a unique opportunity to interact and experience marine life and learn of conservation efforts. 

3. Visit a Balinese Temple: 

Bali’s rich cultural tapestry comes alive in its traditional temples. Visiting one of these iconic sites offers a unique experience that can be a learning experience for your child, exposing them to the beautiful colours and shapes in the temple. Intricate carvings, vibrant decorations, and a deep sense of history surround you as you explore these architectural wonders. It’s a chance for children to witness a different way of life while parents appreciate the cultural richness that Bali has to offer. 

4. Ubud Monkey Forest: 

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a perfect destination for families seeking entertainment and education. Home to over 700 long-tailed Balinese macaques, this nature reserve allows children to observe these fascinating animals in their natural habitat. As your family walks through the lush forest, learn about monkey behaviours and interactions, creating lasting memories of a fun and educational day out. 

5. Bali Paint Factory: 

Nurture your child’s creativity at the Bali Paint Factory, where painting pottery becomes an exciting and educational activity. Delve into the rich Indonesian art tradition as your little ones explore their artistic side. The experience goes beyond entertainment, offering a hands-on perspective of a different culture and allowing children to flourish in an environment that encourages imagination and exploration. 

Tips for Exploring with Kids in Bali: 

1. Packing Essentials for a Family Day Out: 

   – Diapers, wipes, snacks, and a change of clothes are essential. 

   – Don’t forget sun protection: sunscreen, hats, and lightweight clothing. 

   – Consider renting strollers, car seats, and baby equipment from Bali Baby Hire for a hassle-free experience. Check out this blog, which goes into the essential equipment you will need to cross the terrain of Bali. 

2. Managing Expectations and Pacing the Itinerary: 

   – Opt for family-friendly attractions. 

   – Break up the day with downtime or naps for the little ones. 

   – Pace your itinerary to accommodate children’s needs, ensuring everyone stays energized and in good spirits. 

3. Safety Measures for Exploring Beautiful Places with Children: 

   – Invest in child-friendly carriers for treks or visits to temples; Bali Baby Hire has a wide assortment of prams, from wheels that can handle rough roads to lightweight prams that are easy to set up and pack up. 

   – Familiarise yourself with local medical facilities and emergency contacts. 

   – Ensure accommodations are child-safe, and if renting a villa, confirm it meets safety standards. Bali Baby Hire can assist with car seats and essential baby gear. 

Bali’s beauty extends beyond its picturesque landscapes; it encompasses a world of family-friendly adventures waiting to be explored. Remember, it is not just another holiday experience but some of the first experiences your child will be having, so let us help you make this journey easier with equipment for hire and drivers that can help create the perfect tour for you and your child. Contact us, and let us help make your journey memorable