The Best Travel Sports for Kids in Bali

Bali, well known for its rich culture, tasty exotic food and relatively affordable travel, is a beacon for families seeking a delightful escape. As a family-friendly travel destination, Bali offers picturesque scenery and a wealth of activities tailored for all ages. In this guide, we delve into the importance of engaging kids in sports during travel, exploring why Bali, with its family-friendly atmosphere, is the perfect playground for little adventurers. 

Why Bali for Kids Sports? 

This holiday of yours is a time to create long-lasting memories and dive into a different culture. It is important to remember that even though it is a holiday to wind down, we shouldn’t spend all day lazing around. Keep active and find games that are easy to travel with or can be hired, such as ball games and playpens from Bali Baby Hire to keep you entertained from your living arrangement and fun activities to keep you and the little one entertained in Bali. 

Top Easy Travel Sports for Kids in Bali: 

Pool Sports: 

Bring your floaties and pack some goggles; the beautiful thing about most hotels and villas is that you are never too far from a body of water. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your tiny tot to calm waters and have them build confidence to swim as they grow older. Play in the shallows and practice their kicking, where at the end of splashing about, you can enjoy some tasty Balinese food and fresh fruits that will have your baby giggling and smiling with joy.  

Beach time 

The waves of Bali beach call to those young and old. A beach is a great place full of activities for you to engage in with your little one, from building sandcastles with a beach kit from Bali Baby Hire to kicking the ball or introducing them to the splashing waves of the beaches. There is fun to be had for everyone. 


Rent your baby a playbike to roll around the house or a tricycle aviator from Bali Baby Hire if they are old enough to go on a small, child-friendly trail. Explore the nearby neighbourhood and go for a ride alongside your little one.  

Yoga for Kids: 

Introduce your children to the world of relaxation and mindfulness with kid-friendly yoga classes in Bali. Delve into the benefits of yoga for children and discover where to find sessions that cater specifically to the younger yogis. 

Tips for Traveling with Kids in Bali: 

Packing Essentials for Active Kids: 

Ensure your little adventurers are well-equipped for their Bali experience with essentials such as comfortable activewear, sunscreen, hats, and reusable water bottles. 

Choosing Family-Friendly Accommodations: 

Opt for accommodations that cater to families, providing the necessary amenities and a welcoming environment for children. If you need help finding a place, contact us for some recommendations. 

Guidelines for Parents: 

General Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities: 

Instil a sense of adventure while prioritising safety with general tips for outdoor activities, including the importance of staying hydrated. 

Importance of Sun Protection in Bali: 

Bali’s tropical climate calls for diligent sun protection. Ensure your kids are shielded from the sun’s rays with hats, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing. 

Emergency Contacts and Medical Facilities: 

Familiarise yourself with local emergency contacts and medical facilities to ensure a quick response in any unforeseen circumstances. 

Cultural Experiences: 

Incorporating Traditional Balinese Activities for Kids: 

Learning About Local Sports and Games: 

Discover the joy of the rich Balinese culture by engaging in traditional activities, local sports, and games like Conklat, providing a cultural perspective that adds depth to your family’s Bali experience. 

So, pack your bags, don your activewear, and let the adventure begin! Bali awaits, promising an unforgettable journey for the entire family. If there is no space, don’t fret, as we have you covered, from beach gear to tricycles. Let us help you stay active this holiday.